a fresh perspective


A fresh perspective

Fiona Munn and Fraser Tait : Falkirk Employment Law The Falkirk area is synonymous with manufacturing and employs more people in this sector than the rest of Scotland does, from the petro chemicals industry in Grangemouth to the famous Alexander Dennis buses which are exported across the world.

As one of the most industrious parts of the country, Falkirk and surrounding area is a business location of international standing. With such a dynamic business location, also comes the need for local employers to keep pace with the fast changing environment of employment law.

shutterstock_284519087As an employer you’ll appreciate just how important your team are to the success of your business but it is equally important to recognise that looking after your most valuable resource is essential too. In today’s highly regulated workplace and no matter how many people you employ, it is vital that you meet your legal obligations as an employer but you also need to know that you are treating your employees fairly and properly at all times.

Whether you employ 2 people or 200, Falkirk Employment Law provide a tailored service that is dedicated to law in the workplace, bringing a fresh perspective to your role as an employer.


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